Financial Fridays

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Last Update September 14, 2021


Financial Fridays series is intended to help your small business build or establish strong financial health, as you adapt to the challenges of operating during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaker: Scott Rogalski, Business Loan Consultant

Scott Rogalski has 15 years of business banking and lending experience. He is well versed in all areas of lending across several different funding options outside of traditional bank financing and can easily assess the needs of capital for any business type. Scott is excellent at quickly obtaining the necessary information to create a financial picture for his clients that can be used by their banker, CPA, and financial advisor. He has a clear understanding of the underwriting guidelines for traditional bank lending and knows how to create alternative ways to structure the loan to ensure proper debt servicing. He gets excited when his clients are turned down from their banker, because it creates a challenge for him to find a solution.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

Financial Fridays (5/7/2021-6/4/2021)

Overview of Small Business Lending Programs00:30:36
Understanding Your Credit00:30:00
How Financial Institutions Rate Creditworthiness00:30:00
Difference between Prime and Subprime Lenders00:00:00
Tips for Presenting Your Request for Financing00:00:00