WITI Internship Program


The USDOT Women & Girls In Transportation Initiative (WITI) offers an internship program enabling young women from colleges and universities across the country to participate.  The WITI internship programs is administered through the department's Small Business Transportation Resource Centers (SBTRC) which provide resources, technical assistance and outreach to all 50 states and U.S. territories.


The mission is to  increase  the  participation  of  women  in  the transportation  industry  and  prepare  young  women  to  become our nation’s future leaders by creating ladders of opportunity and small business' economic competitiveness through careers, internships, strategic partnerships and education.

Placed 2020-2021 Interns

In accordance with the USDOT's WITI Program, the SBTRC-SW placed three interns with the California Mobility Center (CMC). During their time, the Interns worked on current and innovative projects at the CMC, exposing them to applicable job experience as they continue their education in STEM. 


Obehi Ehigie

Intern, California Mobility Center Mechanical Engineering
"Over the course of the past few weeks I had learned about market trends for the alumina industry, buyers and sellers of the compound and what corporate regions they reside in, forecasted futures for the production of alumina, market demands, its environmental benefits and how our methods used for production will be better than our hypothetical competitors."

Joycelynn Situ

Intern, California Mobility Center Civil Engineering
"This project inspired me to develop more connections in the professional world, as it is an advantage for my profession to have connections with multiple industries. From this project, I learned how to study the market for a product in depth, and how to analyze competing markets. Furthermore, I learned how to approach companies, and discuss with them formally to attain information needed."

Ananyaa Arvind

Intern, California Mobility Center Cell & Molecular Biology
"The idea that I, someone with almost no skills in the business and marketing department before this internship, am now making an actual business plan, is incredibly telling of the growth that I have experienced. Throughout this project, I not only learned time management and self-motivational skills, but also the skills needed to run a business and propose a plan one day."