Situational Awareness Intervention Workshop with OCA & ILF

In response to the increased rise of Anti-Asian/American, xenophobic, harassment, and anti-hate towards marginalized communities of color, ILF and OCA are providing educational and awareness tools to combat these types of systemic oppression. This Situational Awareness Workshop (SAW) is a free interactive training to teach people on how to be a confident and effective bystander against racism and discrimination. At the end of the training, each participant will have the tools to be able to intervene as a bystander whenever they see or experience harassment.

This event is designed to provide information on resources available to small business owners to empower and respond to anti-AAPI bias and hate crimes. We want to enhance business owners to independently prevent and resolve future conflicts.

The goals of bystander intervention training are to:
– Understand your role in the community.
– Educate business owners about the incidence of violence.
– Gain a critical awareness of potential problems.
– Recognize situations where you can help.
– Learn how to be an active community member.
– Develop realistic solutions to barriers.

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Mar 30 2022


1:00 PM





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